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Our Mission

  • To provide the highest level of tailored home management services available and maintain our clients homes to peak condition at all times.

  • We offer memberships to fit any need or lifestyle while offering a host of additional services from Honey-Do lists to full renovations.

  • Our skilled team of industry professionals are well versed in all aspects of home management and construction services so you can rest easy knowing we handle it all.

  • A proactive approach to home maintenance is what sets us apart and allows you to have peace of mind in your home and its value.

Years Of Experience
Services Provided


Peace of Mind

Begins with our Initial Whole Home Audit visit where data on all home systems is catalogued and the home’s state is assessed. A detailed Audit Report is generated, and any repairs or efficiency improvements are quoted.

Bi-Yearly Whole Home Audit visits follow where systems are monitored, and perishable items are replaced to keep your home in its most efficient state. Any minor repairs that fit within the visit window will also be performed as an included service.

Honey-Do Services are included in the Basic Membership. You produce a list of items you’d like addressed and we’ll tackle them within one week of submission. If any item needs further efforts, we’ll provide time and materials estimates and complete the work in a timely fashion.

All Things Considered

Includes all the benefits of our Basic Membership with the ability to select more frequent visits and services. In addition, all maintenance aspects of the home will be managed on a cost-plus basis. We vet and source the vendors, manage their scope and visits, and maintain quality control of all services performed.

Comprehensive Management

Includes all the benefits of our Full Maintenance Membership with weekly or bi-monthly visits where every aspect of the home is maintained. This includes concierge services such as mail collection, vehicle maintenance, home systems exercising, technology testing, and 24-hour notice staging of the home (groceries, linens, climate, etc). These additional services will keep the home in top condition and ready for you at any time.

Reimagine, Remodel, Renovate

Kitchen design looking tired? Thinking about renovating the basement with a new Home Theater? Managed Homes offers full-service remodel and renovation services. We bring your vision to reality with our more than 100 combined years of industry experience.

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